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Trying my hand at blogging (again) not because my life is so fascinated that it bears documenting but…well…I think it is.  I take a lot of pictures and post a lot of random things in various places that just don’t seem to be captured anywhere for prosperity.  So I’m wondering if this channel will serve me differently now that I am addicted to status updates, occasional tweeting and continuous picture taking and uploads.

The marketer in me thinks this is a fascinating channel so I will play around with all of the theme options and layouts…I obsessed for two days just to decide that this would be my blogging tool of choice as it can also be used on my oh so beloved HTC Incredible phone.

I think I occasionally have a witty thought or two…my kids always provide me with great fodder for documentation, and, let’s face it, everyone has commentary on pop culture and politics.  Most think it should be widely known.  Some get a strange amount of recognition for it.  If nothing else, I can entertain myself and use this as an outlet for the thoughts that run inside my head.

I wonder why I thought the anti mosquito app would really work? Marketers are so darned clever!

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